It is common knowledge that Coral is constantly at risk due to climate change, coral mining, careless fishermen and souvenir hunters. Scientists estimate that human factors—such as pollution, global warming, and sedimentation—could kill 30 percent of the existing reefs in the next 30 years.


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Two major threats to coral reefs are coral bleaching and ocean acidification. Coral bleaching is when coral polyps shed the zooxanthellae that give them their color. Warming water is the most likely culprit. Ocean acidification is a related phenomenon, caused by global warming and the changing of the ocean's pH as a result of absorption of carbon dioxide


Nature has always been close to our hearts here at India Jane and much of our product inspiration is drawn from it. Our collection of faux corals ensures that the decorative and delicate nature is appreciated whilst being mindful of the environment.


Shown below, we offer many colours, shapes and sizes in our own ever-growing collection of faux corals. Manufactured from durable resin, making it possible to recreate the texture and patina of the real thing; the result is something strikingly realistic and wonderfully decorative - which can be appreciated for years to come!


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